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Dental Implants Financing and Pricing

Although dental implants have been available for decades, some people still consider them a luxury. When presented with the cost of getting dental implants, they turn to alternatives such as dentures or dental bridges that are less costly in the short term. However, it is essential to compare dental implants’ lifetime benefits and costs to the alternatives to understand their actual value. Over time, implants more than pay for themselves.


There are other tooth replacement methods available, including dental bridges and dentures, but these do not last as long as dental implants. Once dental implants are placed in your jawbone, they are permanent and can last 30 years or longer. Dentures must be replaced or repaired every five to ten years and often need relining. They also require special cleaners and daily care. The daily maintenance and routine repair quickly add up to a surprising amount of expense and hassle.

Oral Health

Dental bridges are attached to remaining teeth, requiring shaving down and capping of otherwise healthy teeth. This causes damage to the remaining teeth and does not prevent damage to the underlying jawbone where teeth are missing.

Dentures are placed over the gums and jawbone and, like bridges, do nothing to stimulate the jawbone itself. Titanium implants placed in the jawbone stimulate bone growth and fuse with the jaw, strengthening the jaw. This helps maintain the facial structure for a youthful appearance that lasts for years and supports beautiful replacement teeth for decades. Over time, the jawbone deteriorates, a process known as resorption. In the first year after losing a tooth’s root, as much as 25% of the jawbone can be lost, distorting your facial contours, and giving your face a sunken, aged appearance.

Quality of Life

Dentures have limitations for eating, laughing, and smiling. They may shift, click, slip, or fall out. Dental implants do none of these things. Once they are in place, dental implants function, fit, and feel like your natural teeth, dramatically improving your quality of life. You can eat all the foods you enjoy, and no one will know your implants are not your natural teeth. There are no special care routines outside of regular brushing, flossing, routine dental checkups, and professional teeth cleanings twice a year. When you ask our patients, the response is overwhelmingly positive – dental implants change their life for the better and is an investment in a healthier, happier lifestyle.

What to Look for in a Dental Implant Quote

The cost of dental implants often includes several procedures performed by more than one dental professional. In addition to placing the implants, there is the cost of restorations (dental crowns or a dental prosthetic), bone grafting, and other work. Each of these steps should be included in any quote you receive. Look for the following in your quote:

Does Insurance cover Dental Implants?

Most insurance providers do not fully cover dental implants, but this is changing. Some dental insurance carriers partially cover the costs. For instance, some may pay for crowns or prosthetics. Contact your insurance provider to find out what portion is covered before scheduling your procedure. At Laredo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we bill your insurance provider and work with most insurance carriers for your convenience. If you have questions, please reach out to us.

Getting an Accurate Quote from Laredo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

We are happy to provide you with an accurate price quote for dental implants at an initial consultation. Give us a call at Laredo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Phone Number (956) 724-2244 to schedule your consultation today!

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